Bhutan a Fascinating Destination for Your Next Vacations

Lonely Planet has ranked Bhutan among top 20 most interesting places to visit in 2020. 

According to Lonely Planet, “Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan Kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments.”

In Bhutan, you will experience unique culture and scenic mountains. You will learn to say No to Food offering. As a tradition, when food is offered, one has to say “Meshu Meshu” while covering mouth with your hands. This is traditional Bhutanese custom. However, after two or three offering, you can give in to enjoy your meal.

Bhutanese food and beauty is never forgettable. Bhutan has fascinating landscapes that can't be described in simple words, and can only be experienced. A place for peace and happiness!

The country is 50 percent of the size of State of Indiana in the US. The Land of Thunder Dragon has many travel attractions. The list can be infinite from Buddhist remains, trekking trails, to panoramic valleys and majestic Himalayas.

This scenically mesmerizing country has recently opened its doors to tourism where wildlife and woods are still unexplored by many.

The country of Happiness has rich cultural diversity. Bhutanese will always find an opportunity to enjoy life. In every village, there are regular festivals and celebrations. However the most popular annual religious festival is known as Tshechu.

This is a celebration to recognize the 2nd Buddah, The Guru Rimpoche. Rituals comprise of dance, red rice and spicy meals including tasty momos. The main act of every Tshechu is Cam Dancing. During the festival, People wear colorful costumes and masks to represent and teach on moral values.

In 2020, Tshechu festival will be celebrated between September 26 to September 28. Be part of it and rejoice your life!

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“Today , during our 8.5 km uphill trek we stopped by a small village on a mountain to pet and feed a baby calf who was born just 4 months ago . While we did that the owner of the house asked us if we were tired and wanted to have a cup of tea ? So we went in to the home of this beautiful and warm family who had absolutely no idea who we were and yet they treated us with such warmth and love . We spent some time with them chatting and drinking tea and the whole time they just know us as two tired trekkers. Whoever knows virat and me very closely, know that both of us live for such moments of genuine , simple & pure human connection . It fills us with such joy and peace knowing that they just wanted to be kind to two random foreigners ( plus our guide ) without seeking anything in return. If this is not the true meaning of life then i dont know what is . A memory we will cherish forever” – Anushka Sharma – Indian Film Celebrity – Was also featured in 30 under 30 by Forbes Asia in 2018.

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