Destination Dubai - Desert, Luxury and much more!

Dubai is the most loveable destination for visitors around the globe. The city is surrounded by beautiful blue water beaches, superior hotels, scrumptious food and fascinating desert.

Sun coast is full of fun activities, and opportunity to go crazy with shopping opportunities at The Dubai Mall. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) and massive shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes, water sports , Desert safari, Dhow cruise and much more.

You must not miss the discounts offered during shopping festivals. January and February ideal to visit during Dubai Shopping Festival and July and August for Dubai Summer Surprise festival.

Get your credit cards replenished before arriving Dubai to purchase gold from world’s largest gold market in Deira Gold Souk. Deira is the place for shoppers to find some best of the best prices. Haggle with shopkeepers for fun and to get the best deal. Souk or markets for spices and fish are also popular places to explore traditional shopping.  

Dubai is a great attraction for surfers and beach lovers. Sun coast weather is ideal for sea sports and beach bath throughout the year. Serene blue waters and excellent sporting facilities have made Dubai an excellent tourist spot for water sports. If you love the adventure of Flyboard and Water Skiing, Dubai is the ideal place to explore the variety.

For tourists, exploring food is one of the most exciting thing to do. Dubai outclasses its competition in this particular area. The variety of food from all over the Gulf, Sub-continent or from Asia and Europe, tourists can find the unlimited choices, and ultimate flavors. BBC Foods took a shot on 10 best foods to try in Dubai. From Baklawas to Kebobs, from traditional grills to fried fish, taste is simply amazing. Foodie or not, you cannot afford to walk-by a food cart without appreciating the aroma in the air!

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