Celebrate Holi Festival in India

Our Vacation Package will take you to celebrate Holi Spring Festival Tour in India.

Starting on 4 March-14 March 2020.

Spring is the time to begin festivities with colors. In India, Holi is celebrated to mark the start of festive season by sharing love and sprinkling colors. The festival of colors is considered as Thanksgiving for a great harvest season. The festival is not limited to India, but across the globe, Indians celebrate with their friends and families.

The celebrations start in early March. Dates for Spring 2020 Holi Festival are 9th and 10th of March. It is a popular time for foreign tourists to experience Holi Festival in welcoming India.

Special Puja (worship) is observed by burning demoness Holika. People sing and dance round the fire. Some also walk over fired coalbeds. Regardless of their origin, Holi is a cheerful festival for everyone to mark the joy of life.

During the exuberant celebrations, the revelers, soaked to the skin in colored water, express themselves in a carefree, happy and joyous manner. In this festival of Holi, parties are organized, people dance and sprinkle colors over faces. Traditional music makes the festival stunningly fascinating and lively.

Holi is the day to express love with colors. The time to show affection because colors express adoration, friendship and joyfulness. Therefore, Holi is considered a great time to rebuild relationship, extend forgiveness and express thankfulness.

Our tour Expert Vishal Bhakar who is a well known historian will lead the tour. He will take you to celebrate with a royal family; witness the beautiful spiritual love story of Radha and Krishna; witness the unique martial skills of the Sikhs of Punjab.

India is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Come and experience the festivities of Holi in India in March 2020. Let us take you to the land of colors and culture. Travel to India with TravQuest to enjoy the best ever vacations.

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