Turkey - One of the best travel destinations

If you have not considered adding Turkey as your travel destination, you are missing the opportunity to see the fusion of history and modernism. A country that sits on the border of Europe and Asiaprovides an experience beyond imagination.

Turkey is among world’s top 10 travel destinations. Last year, the country attracted over 35 million visitors from all over the globe.

Direct flights to Istanbul from several cities in Canada and USA provide a superb opportunity to save travel time. Flying Turkish Airlines offers an amazing experience of Turkish hospitality. With traditional food served onboard, Turkish Airline makes travel a true pleasure!

TravQuest offers the following exciting destinations to its valuable clients:


The City offers vibrancy from several aspects. Great hotels, sea, boat trips, historic places and outstanding choices of fresh fruits and food.

Taksim Square is where a lot of tourists are attracted to. People walk down the famous Istiklal Street in large numbers. Istiklal Street is not only a close pedestrian area but also an urban district reflecting numerous historical features of Istanbul. Shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, and other commercial facilities are there to rest and enjoy some Turkish Coffee / tea  with a variety of Turkish Delights.  

The other attractions are Sultan Ahmet area to see the Grand Blue Mosque and Ayasofiya Muzesi (museum). Hagia Sophia is the former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque and now a museum. Enjoy traditional food alongside the streets. Kebabs and fish are two most specialties to savor with Turkish herbs. 


Izmir is another great city in Turkey. Traditional and yet modern. A cultural hub, elegant mosques and traditional bazaars. Palm-lined boulevards and ancient Greek ruins look down from the hilltops, Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir, has plenty to offer cruise visitors to nearby Ephesus.

You can enjoy the sunset at the boardwalk or just sit and sip your Turkish tea at the shore. This place is an absolute pleasure for tourists. It is good for running and cycling as well.

Visit the ancient monument in the city center which is in the middle of hillside residential and traditional markets. Izmir Agora is just a part of the everyday landscape for most residents. Agora grounds is also famous for the ruins of a Roman-Greek marketplace.


A city that is a captivating, famous for swirling volcanic-rock landscapes. It is called a magical wonderland of ancient times.

Visit UNESCO protected village of Goreme. You will see an open-air museum and monastery cluster of rock-cut churches and monk-cells that hold fabulous frescoes. The complex dates from the 10th to 12th centuries, when Cappadocia was an important Byzantine religious center.

Some famous chapels and churches to see are: Elmali Kilise (Apple Church), Azize Barbara Sapeli (Chapel of St. Barbara), Yilanli Kilise (Snake Church), and superbly restored frescoes of the Karanlik Kilise (Dark Church); and the cavernous Tokali Kilise (Buckle Church).

While in Cappadocia, you will have an opportunity to enjoy traditional Pottery Kebabs called Testi Kebab. 475 years old Dibek Restaurant is a superb place to eat dinner. Or if you are craving for something very local, Cafe Safak is the place to go. It is family owned restaurant.

You should never miss the opportunity to enjoy the hot air balloon ride. Ride through  Rose Valley, soaring to  incredible heights, then descending to see the ghost town and the pinnacle valley. The sunrise over this wonderful unique landscape, two and a half hundred balloons airborne at a time, low passes along the valley and a quiet silence higher in skies is an amazing experience!

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